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Constructing a modern site is an art form.

There are multiple ways to do it, multiple platforms you can use and a wide array of design strategies you can implement. Successful website development is as a result of smart planning, communication and experience.

Web Scoping
  • Laying out goals you want to achieve.
  • Outlining the purpose of your website.
  • Clarify what features, functions & tasks wanted on your site.
  • Establishing expectations, timelines & costs.
  • Collaboration between our team & you.

Web scoping involves understanding what goals you want to achieve. The scoping process helps clarify what features, functions, tasks, designs and other elements you want on your site. Once all of that is organized expectations, timelines and costs can be drawn out. Our scoping process is one of collaboration. We sit down with clients, listen, offer our professional insight, make recommendations and eventually come up with a suitable plan of action for your future website.

Research & User Experience (UX)
  • Process of gathering data on your business, industry & direction.
  • Setting goals & expectations.
  • Testing website versions, models & UX functionality.
  • Feedback process with our web developers & further refinement.

Research and user experience is all about gathering data. We gather all of the information we can about your business, your industry and the expected business trajectory. Together, we come up with a plan zeroed in on your preferences. Followed by a testing process where you get immediate feedback from our analysts and website development team. Forming a working example of how your future website will operate.

Responsiveness & User Interface (UI)
  • Implementing structure to your website.
  • Easing findability on your site.
  • Increasing site performance & loading times.
  • Integration & optimization across site.

UI is key to the operation of your website. Without proper design, your website will get that dreaded thumbs down from users. That being said, UI design is more than just aesthetics. Your customers will be visiting your site for an action – most likely to find information, answers to questions, to buy products and/or services and hopefully share your site with others. UI design makes findability on your website simple. Leading to faster loading page times and rapid task performance times. We make sure all of our websites work intuitively by using advanced website development techniques, meeting all of your personal needs.

  • Design website to be user friendly, allowing website to be visited by everyone.
  • Consistency with text, layout, colours & balance on website.
  • Adjusting the look & feel of website.
  • Optimization of content across web browsers, operating systems & devices.

Accessibility ensures that no one is left out from experiencing your site in its full glory. It allows for people living with disabilities or those using audio/visual aids to comfortably use your website. We make sure that all the content on our sites are openly available to everyone. We also apply best practices when it comes to choosing design specifics like contrasting colours, typography and spacing. In addition, our diligent website development team makes sure that our sites function across all internet browsers, computer operating systems and mobile devices. Leaving no one left out.

Content Management Solutions
  • All our websites are run through the WordPress platform.
  • Easily organize, edit & publish content to your website.
  • Safe & secure storage of all web content.
  • Immediate optimization of content across devices, web browsers and social media.

As we say in marketing, “content is king”. Content management systems (CMS) allow you to easily organize, edit and publish content directly to your website. We work regularly with open source solutions, staying up to date on new tech developments to provide you with the best web service possible. All of our websites run on the WordPress platform. Your content is stored on secure servers where it is optimized for mobile, web browsers and social media. So you can feel safe in knowing your content is always going to be up to date and looking fresh.

Web Hosting & Maintenance
  • We own our own private servers.
  • Websites are frequently updated & maintained.
  • Real-time detection software against harmful threats.
  • Additional hosting transfers & email hosting securities.

Web hosting is the process involved in storing your website’s data onto servers. Selecting web hosting services is kind of a mixed bag. As such it’s difficult to find people you can trust with your information. At Marketing.Ink, we take web hosting very seriously. We have secure, private servers which are frequently updated to protect your online well-being. Our servers offer real-time detection software that secure your information from harmful digital threats. We also conduct hosting transfers and dabble in email hosting. Our website development team gives you elite security across the web.

Domain Registration & Transfers
  • Management of domain name systems (DNS).
  • In-house comprehensive research on domain names based on brand analysis.
  • Customized & collaborative domain name choosing process.
  • Process of laying out all your options in front of you.

Registering a domain name can be a complicated task. You have to sit down and do a whole lot of research on domain registrars. Weighing all of the pros and cons of choosing this registrar over that one. Luckily for you, we make domain registration and transfers easy for you. We manage domain name systems (DNS) and have access to advanced domain analytics. We lay out all your options in front of you. Our website development team provides you with expert analysis on what domain names best for your brand and audience. It’s all about value and how we can get your business the most traffic, engagement and exposure.

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