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Connecting Customers to Your Brand

Social media enables you to share your vision to the world. Every customer engagement, social media post, advertisement or graphic has the ability to inspire your audience. Social media plays a big role in how modern brands are portrayed and how they stay relevant. As more people start forming relationships brands online, the more loyalty brands receive from their customer.

Breaking Down Social Media Marketing
  • Process of growing your brand online through social platforms
  • Sharing your brand’s vision & story to diverse audiences
  • Allows social media users to get to know who you are on a personal level
  • Building customer loyalty through the customer interaction & engagement

Social media has become a huge marketing tool for businesses all across the world. Think about it, there are even dogs with Facebook and Instagram profiles. With so many people using social media every day, it continues to become increasingly more ingrained into lives. When executed correctly, social media can help you grow your business both effectively and efficiently. Our social team is always on point. We always have a finger on the pulse on what’s going on across major social media platforms. We communicate with different audiences, share brand visions, spread awareness about businesses and get more people interested in the awesome work they do.

Content Creation
  • We create valuable content for users, no generic posts in sight
  • Curation of original & engaging content
  • Organization & management of social media calendars
  • Creating personal customer bonds with smart content

Content on your social media needs to be valuable. You can write anything you want or even upload all your pictures online from your camera roll, but does that actually add any value to your business or the lives of your customers? It’s all about producing content that gains the attention of customers and allows them to connect personally with your brand. Originality is a must with content creation. Content produced by our writers, editors, designers and film crew are designed to tell original stories that connect with social media users. Leading to more people noticing, sharing and engaging with your brand’s digital content. We seek to create content that speaks to your brand’s values, while forming meaningful connections with your online communities.

Creative Content
  • Creating content that stands out from your competitors
  • Inspiring your audience with your social content
  • Establishing a meaningful connection with your audience
  • Telling stories that resonate with your audience & reflect on your brand's values

Creative content is designed to capture people’s attention. Tons of social media posts are created daily, so it’s your goal to stand out from the crowd. When your customer feels an emotional bond to your content, it is a powerful thing. We design creative campaigns which tell meaningful stories and connect with your brand. Producing content that makes social media users want to engage with you and share your content across the World Wide Web with their various social circles.

Creative solutions, creative results.
Build you business through social media.
  • Producing copywriting that engages people
  • Creation of an authentic brand personality
  • Developing a clear & distinctive voice
  • Establishment of a consistent tone across social platforms

Copywriting is all about the written content you generate. Your brand’s copywriting should be consistent, carry the same tone, style and familiarity. It is important for your copy to have a clear and distinctive voice, while still maintaining a steady level of professionalism. At Marketing.Ink we are all about writing authentic content. Copywriting that outlines a clear messages, fitting your brand’s identity and specific industry.

Advertising Campaigns
  • Development of a savvy marketing strategy, defining clear goals
  • Deciding on a message, appropriate marketing platforms & campaign concepts
  • Designing starts, customize branding messaging on platforms & test trials
  • Creation of dynamic content that reaches your target audience

Advertisements have the power to transform simple ideas into grand stories. Smart ad campaigns are designed to get people interested in what you do. Giving customers an insight into what work you perform and how it can better their lives. Creating ad campaigns require a dynamic mix of skill and talent. Our ad campaigns are designed to get your brand’s name known and to get people excited about what you do. Whether your advertisements take the shape of traditional ad space, billboards, posters, videos, email blasts, newsletters or a pay per click initiatives; we’re here to see that you get the best service possible. Resulting in increased brand exposure as well as a stronger digital following.

Paid Search Advertising
  • Deciding what paid search strategy is best for your business
  • Laying out all of your options in front of you
  • Create a clear message & concept
  • Development of ad, testing, reporting on performance & evaluation

Paid search ads can take many forms. They can be pay per click search ads (PPC) done through search engines, display/banner ads on the web, native ads done through social media, paid news articles produced by journalists or even targeted ads created based on a user’s internet history and preferences. We know that may be a lot to take it at once. But, here at Marketing.Ink we specialize in all aspects of paid search advertising. We explain to brands how each of the different options work and identify which type of ad works best for them. The paid search world is an area that is constantly changing, so we are always making sure our clients are getting the most out of the digital ad space.