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Boost the Search Ranking of Your Business

Popular search engines like Google have entirely changed the way we use the internet and search engine optimization is a big part of why.

Search engines focus on keywords and use filters to narrow down results. Thereby showing internet users the most accurate and relevant information.

We all use search engines frequently throughout the day, so it’s no surprise that SEO has become so vital to businesses around the world.

Breaking down SEO
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Process of search engines finding, promoting & ranking websites.
  • Keyword focus on your web content.
  • Developing content that search algorithms can pick up.

SEO is inclusive of all of the process involved in getting search engines to find and rank websites. A lot of number crunching and quality control goes into getting your content recognized on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO is constantly evolving, meaning that there are always newer and more effective ways of boosting your content online.

All the websites that we administer are built using innovative SEO strategies. Getting your digital content high on the search engine results page (SERP). We focus on important keywords associated with your brand and push your content directly to search engines. Ultimately when your website does end up on the top of the SERP, we work even harder to maintain your ranking.

SEO Copywriting
  • Establishing keywords & themes for your brand.
  • Developing a balanced, consistent & professional tone.
  • Creating organized & engaging copy.
  • Writing content that algorithms can understand.

Copywriting is vital to any SEO strategy you adopt. As search engines sift through internet pages, they are looking for important keywords and themes to relate your content to. Most of this work is done by search engine algorithms. So, it is crucial that you write clearly, mentioning words that you want your content to be linked to. However, that doesn’t mean that your copywriting should be boring! After all, your content is produced for your audience. The only thing search engine algorithms do is sort through content. That being said, you've got to toe to line between what your audience enjoys and what language search engines can understand. We produce engaging and sound copywriting that does exactly that. For us, it's important to have balance between being informative, entertaining and practical.

Web Analytics
  • Analysis of your brand & content performance.
  • Reporting & measuring metrics that are valuable to your brand.
  • Zeroing in on your target audience in extraordinary detail.
  • Precise insight into how people receive & engage with your content.

Analytics tell you all you need to know about the performance of your online content. Are people responding well to your content? How long are people spending on your website? What time do people usually read your blog posts? Well, our analytics tools are built to answer such questions. Analytics inform web administrators how users interact with online content. Measuring things like on-page time, click through rate, viewership numbers and even where your traffic comes from. All of this useful information helps you further understand your customer. Giving you an idea on how your brand is performing over time. All of our websites are equipped with these handy tools. Helping your brand understand what works online and what doesn’t.

Cornerstone Content
  • Your most relevant & important content on your website.
  • Web pages you want ranked highest by search engines.
  • Associated with brand related themes, not products/services.
  • Increasing your findability on the web & on your site.

Cornerstone content is the most important content found on your website. In simple terms, cornerstone content are the pages that you want to rank highest on search engines. The focus of cornerstone content is to write detailed posts on topics that your business frequently covers. Not on products and/or services you sell. It is important to constantly update your cornerstone content, as they will be your highest ranked pages. We make sure to make responsible choices when it comes to producing and choosing cornerstone content for websites. We make sure your brand gets as much exposure on the web by using modern and innovative SEO techniques.

  • Web page navigational aids.
  • Mini maps of where you are on a website.
  • Implements structure to your website.
  • Helps your odds of being promoted by search engines.

Yes, you are not mistaken. We are talking about breadcrumbs. That was no typo. However, they are probably not the breadcrumbs you are thinking of. In digital marketing, breadcrumbs are navigational aids that tell users where they are on websites. They play a big role in how search engines understand how your site is structured. They tell search engines the different sections of your website, making findability easy. On web pages, breadcrumbs look similar to how paths look on your computer’s navigational panel. For example, this post’s breadcrumb path looks like Home > Services > SEO. As you can see, breadcrumbs show you location on a website and how you got there. Like a digital path laid out by Hansel and Gretel themselves. We make sure that all of our websites are structured like well-oiled machines. We’ve got breadcrumbs all across our sites and we’re proud of it!

Boosting your Google search ranking is our intention.
Let's get your business found online.