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Design That Makes a Statement

Did you know that a well-crafted graphic design leads to more action on your website? Graphic design is not all about looking good (although that is an important aspect to it). Functionality and ease of use are what keep business websites thriving.

We use inspired visuals, solid web structure and user-friendly design to make memorable experiences for our brands. Prioritizing user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) on your website.

Website Design
  • Process of building a modern & functional website.
  • Customized experience for each client.
  • Creation of a visual identity.
  • Providing you with valuable e-commerce tools & support.

Your website is where all of your content lives. It’s a homebase for all your digital marketing and communications. So it is important that your website is structured with solid and intuitive graphic design. We make websites which are fully responsive across electronic devices. Our websites are easy to manage and integrate with all your social media and digital marketing needs. We are marketers who love balancing visual structure with operational sophistication.

Custom Website Design
  • Making your website easily navigable.
  • UX & UI integration.
  • Establishing layout, organization & structure on your site.
  • Clear messaging, call to action & consistency across site.

Navigation through websites should never be a hard task. We make sure that all our websites are easy to use and are straight forward. UX and UI are huge priorities on our websites. It is important for websites to make key messaging and call to action easy to follow. We ensure that all of our websites contain the needed structure required to become an industry leader. We make sure that the graphic design of your site is highly customizable, in order meet your individual business goals and expectations.

Content Management
  • All our websites are run through the WordPress platform.
  • Easily organize, edit & publish content to your website.
  • Safe & secure storage of all web content.
  • Immediate optimization of content across devices, web browsers & social media.

Making changes to your website should never be complex. In today’s day and age, trends and information become dated extremely fast. What’s popular last month may be entirely irrelevant in the here and now. As such, all of your information should be appropriately updated. All of our websites run on the WordPress platform, allowing you to be in total control of your content. Content management has never been so organized, easy to store, find and publish. Our content takes the form of a diverse range of mediums and reflects on important topics relating to your business.

Visual Identity
  • Establish a cohesive look across your website.
  • Creation of a design aesthetic in-line with your brand story & identity.
  • Consistency of elements across site (colours, typography, images… etc.).
  • Formation of visual identities for social media.

Think of a visual identity as being an extension of your brand’s image. It is more detailed and refined, diving deeper into the type of design aesthetic, design and image you adopt. Laying a foundation for what will eventually become backbone of your content. It is important for your visual identity to be consistent and cohesive. We help businesses form creative and sophisticated visual identities with the use of our advanced graphic design knowledge.

Lead Generation
  • Turning visitors to your website into customers.
  • Making payment steps on website easy.
  • Establishing methods of keeping in touch with customers.
  • Expert analysis on how visitors are using your site.

Each and every day your website introduces you to new visitors. The next step is to turn those visitors into customers. This is vital for the growth of your business. Accordingly, the process of making a sale on your website should be easy. If customers are not ready to finalize a payment on your site, there should be measures put into place to keep in touch with them. Because when they do return to your site, it will remember their information. Our websites are strategically built with savvy graphic design framework to make ease of use simple and straight-forward. Giving your site all of the features to create positive customer experiences, as well as giving you all the tools needed to analyze where and when customers leave and return to your web page.

E-commerce Development
  • Simplifying online financial transactions.
  • Safe & secure storage of information.
  • Creating user friendly, comfortable & trustful UI systems.
  • Taking care of all procedures from the layout to the final purchase.

99% of websites belonging to brands also act as their stores. As such, the security and credibility of your website should always be up to scratch, allowing you to adequately deal with financial transactions. A user should always feel in safe hands while clicking through your website. And just as important, they should feel comfortable using your site. With our websites, you can remain confident that users will feel at home when exploring through it. We take care of everything from the layout to the final purchasing of your brand’s goods and/or services. Making it easier for you and the buyer when completing a valuable sale.

  • 24-hour available support.
  • Regular updates & notifications of changes made to your website.
  • Expert insight on ways to get more traffic to your site.
  • Ongoing support via phone, email, text message & in-person.

As marketers, the personal success of our clients is what keeps us motivated. We take care of the website development and management of your online presence, but you are still the owner. The website belongs to you and we make sure that all of your information is always up to date, secure and operational. We offer our support every step of the way. At Marketing.Ink, our clients are treated as just as a part of our agency as our current employees. Whether it’s by phone, email, text message or in-person (yes, you can always just knock on our door), you can always reach out for assistance. Just throw us a line. Here is all our contact information.

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