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Branding Your Business

Branding is more than just sticking your logo on something!

It is a reflection of your business’ values, ethics and services you perform for customers. As a business owner, branding is paramount to every decision you make. It establishes both your company’s origin and where you plan on heading in the future. Having a clear vision and strategy is vital to the success of modern brands. At the end of the day, it’s all about building a solid brand that people will remember.

Forming a Marketing Plan
  • Understanding your needs & specific industry.
  • Setting brand goals & expectations.
  • Forming a brand identity.
  • Outlining an initial brand blueprint.

The first step in branding development is creating a marketing plan. At Marketing.Ink, we build comprehensive marketing plans for new and pre-existing businesses. This process involves forming a company identity and setting up the framework for your business to grow into an established brand. We create blueprints for the success of your business, outlining clear steps on how to achieve your corporate goals.

Branding Strategy
  • Outlining your brand’s positioning.
  • Differentiating your brand from competitors.
  • In-depth research on your target audience.
  • Developing a plan of attack geared to your specific industry.

What differentiates your brand from your competitors? You may have an awesome idea or a great service in mind, but what gives your brand that “x-factor”? An effective branding strategy is about putting your ideas into action. Like your marketing blueprint, your branding strategy iterates how you plan to attack your given market or industry. We build platforms that anchor your brand’s vision. Constructing strategic plans on how to best connect with your audience.

Brand Naming
  • Detailed research on branding themes, values & principles.
  • In-depth focus on the spirit of your business.
  • Further detailing your brand's positioning within your industry.
  • Comprehensive research on name availability & popularity.

You may find yourself asking “How does one come up with a brand name?” Well, truthfully a lot of things go into creating a name. But most of all, your brand has to be memorable and it has to resonate with people. Our process involves detailed research on brand themes, values and principles. Studying the importance of brand messaging and what people want to hear. We offer valuable knowledge to our clients with expert insight on modern, traditional  and experimental branding themes. Conducting in-depth research on name availability and popularity. Doing our utmost to find a brand name that effectively fits your business and gets noticed by customers.

Logo Design
  • Understanding you want your logo to convey.
  • Agreeing on a brand colour palette.
  • Anchoring your logo to specific visual themes.
  • Developing a brand aesthetic.
  • A collaborative refinement of your logo.

Logos bring your business to life. They are the first thing people see and are the symbols people end up associating with your business. As such, it is important to have a logo that you plan to use for a long time. If you are a pre-existing entity, a branding refresh can help rejuvenate your image by giving you an on-trend and modern image. We develop logos that fit your branding aesthetic, personal outlook and industry positioning. Our ultimate goal is to create logos that stand out, giving your business a creative edge over your competitors. At Marketing.Ink, we pride ourselves on creating modern logos that get your business noticed.

Tagline / Mandate
  • Brainstorming intrinsic branding values.
  • Further defining your brand’s intentions.
  • Creating a mini mandate.
  • Define a direct message you want your branding to articulate.

A formal corporate tagline isn’t always necessary, but the thought process behind creating one helps marry your logo and branding identity together. Think of it as a mandate, but shorter. This process defines the intention of your brand. It leaves a lasting impression on people who come across your brand on and offline. Taglines are ideas that people remember about your brand, so it is important that they quickly speak to the specifics of your business. We help create taglines that convey clarity and that connect with customers. Speaking to how your business can help people with your products and/or services.

Brand Story
  • Cultivating a unique brand culture.
  • Creating a branding vision.
  • Defining a brand origin & direction.
  • Constructing a unique brand persona.

A brand story is more than a marketing tool or something written on your website. True brand stories iterate why your business is doing what it does. Indicating what values, beliefs and goals you have. It ultimately tells people what your vision is. Good brand stories resonate with people and connect with customers on a personal level. Marketing.Ink crafts brand stories that tell people how your business started, where you are going and why they should join the movement. Further articulating how your business makes a difference in people’s lives and creating a branding culture that customers will want to buy into.

Brand / Corporate Image
  • Define your brand’s personality.
  • Set the tone for your brand’s communication.
  • Further refine your brand story.
  • Develop corporate image guidelines.

A great corporate image is a steady balance between marketing and personality. It is important for your business to have a personality that resonates with your audience and is consistent over time. An image should be recognizable to customers. It is important for an image to speak to the authenticity of your brand story. We make sure everything associated with your business is on-brand, following our up-to-date branding standards. Leading to you gaining credibility with customers online, in print and in the real world. Once your business starts to grow, with our guidance, your image will become something that customers can trust.

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