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Stories have the ability to take people out of their everyday day lives. They can take you on adventures through wild jungles, bumpy terrain or across the seven seas. So it’s no wonder that large, successful businesses have begun to harness the power of the story, in the shape of brand storytelling. Elevating their brands across digital and media platforms

What actually is Brand Storytelling?

Brand storytelling goes beyond a motto, slick copywriting and a presentation. Your story isn’t just something that is posted on a website for people to read. It’s about what you believe in and the code you live by. That includes everything from the reason your company exists, the shape of your logo and the atmosphere bouncing around your studio. It’s all about authenticity.

There is no standard definition of a brand story. Generally it’s agreed that a brand story is a foundation. A foundation based on who you are and where you are heading. It’s all about building a brand that people want to be a part of and ultimately buy into.

Just like the saying goes “people gotta like what you’re selling.” And a large part of garnering attention from potential customers lies with your story. It has to resonate with people and connect with them on a personal level or you risk that said attention won’t turn into loyalty from the customer. Which is a big no-no in the world of marketing.

Marketing versus personality.

It is important to remember that brand stories aren’t just marketing materials. It’s not another advertising tool or pitch. Brand storytelling has to be brimming with personality. Without personality they lack that authentic secret ingredient you are chasing. It’s all about inspiring people and being relatable to the consumer. Putting yourself in their shoes and being real.

Brand Storytelling tips from Marketing.Ink, Peterborough,Ontario

In today’s digital age, it’s quite easy to discern whether a company or individual on social media is being genuine with their persona or if they are faking it. So, it is of the utmost importance that brand storytelling comes naturally, without any artificial fluff thrown in the mix. Or else you run the risk of being outed on a large public platform, and we all know just how detrimental that can be marketing-wise.

The science behind it all.

Scientific research shows that we all long to tell and hear stories. Many say it’s in our DNA. Engrained from ancient times, sitting around fires in far off, ancestral caves. Ever since, our brains have been hardwired for stories. Much like a remnant of a sort of ancient CSS code stuck inside our chromosomes.

Science behind storytelling from Marketing.Ink, Peterborough, Ontario

Whatever the reason, our brains crave stories as we desire the emotional responses that come with them. Said responses also play a huge factor in changing our behavior. Which is key to understand.

As we listen to stories, our neurons begin firing along with the ebbs and flows of the plot. Leading to heightened brain activity in the form of chemicals like oxytocin and dopamine begin released. Studies suggest that as these chemicals begin to dance around our brains, we begin to have more of a personal connection to the story. A connection which scientists from Harvard say match the same chemical balance exhibited in the brain when people are around their loved ones.

Keep it simple, stupid.

Brand Storytelling tips from Marketing.Ink, Peterborough, Ontario

Brand storytelling doesn’t have to be complex. Actually let me re-word that. They should never be complex.

A brand story should reflect the origin of your business, but not be riddled with loads of detail. As too much detail runs the risk of it becoming confused.

Brand Storytelling should iterate:

  • A problem you strive to overcome.
  • A solution to said problem.
  • A path to success.

As we say in marketing, content is king and simple is good. We may love intricate stories in the shape of your favourite episode of Game of Thrones, but in marketing it’s all about being direct, transparent, and clear. By strategizing an effective brand story you will find many more opportunities will come your way.

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