Copywriting Tips from Marketing.Ink - Peterborough, ON
5 Reasons Why Copywriting is Still Important

We live in a world where everything is instant. Instant apps, instant messaging, instant coffee… the list goes on and on. This reliance on instant information has led us to develop shorter attention spans. Leading to a collective focus on visuals and less  on written content. With that being said, many people now believe that copywriting is unimportant.

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How the Instagram Algorithm Works by Marketing.Ink Peterborough, ON
Social Media Algorithms: Are Posting Times Still Important?

The early days of social media saw people instantly engaging with others users from all over the world for the first time ever. Together we were collectively discussing things from current events, news, sports, music and most importantly, sharing cute cat videos on the internet. While we still use social media for many of these reasons, social media platforms have now changed the way they present posts to users with the implementation of social media algorithms.

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Brand Storytelling Defined from Marketing.Ink, Peterborough, Ontario
How Brand Storytelling Brings Success to Your Business

Stories have the ability to take people out of their everyday day lives. They can take you on adventures through wild jungles, bumpy terrain or across the seven seas. So it’s no wonder that large, successful businesses have begun to harness the power of the story, in the shape of brand storytelling. Elevating their brands across digital and media platforms

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Top 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins of 2019

We’re counting down the best WordPress plugins of 2019. From all of the plugins that help you with design, SEO, content management, analytics and web structure. We’re here to help you improve your website’s overall performance on the WordPress platform.

These plugins are sure to boost your website’s efficiency and give you everything a modern website needs to achieve success. With these WordPress plugins, your website will help your brand and/or business solidify a strong online reputation.

#1 WPForms

WPForms WordPress Plugins 2019 Tips from Marketing.Ink Peterborough

What do all websites have in common? They all share valuable information, yes, but they also all have contact forms. Contact forms are vital to any website as they make it easy for visitors to get in touch.

WPForms is an easy to use drag & drop online form builder. The plug-in allows you to create contact forms, email subscription forms, online order forms, payment forms, surveys, polls and practically any other type of form that exists under the moon, all in seconds!

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